Sari’s Travel Blog: 5 Things I Learned This Time Around in NYC

If you know me well, you know I have a VERY soft spot for New York City. I absolutely love the place. It’s all so new and magical to me; filled with exciting friendly faces and places! Even though I’ve been there tons of times, I still find it so refreshing and inspiring. So…when Porter so graciously informed me I had a free flight to use up before August, I reasoned that it’s best I head back (even though I was there in May) to run around for some meetings. I always love the chance to connect with people in person rather than over the phone or emails. So off I went! 4 days in the big apple!

I’ll make this update short and sweet. Here are 5 things I learned this time in NYC. Some of them very NYC specific, some of them not-so-much.

#1 Being Lactose Intolerant Only Sucks if you Don’t Live in New York.

It’s true. At every turn you can find vegan treats and snacks. Vegan cream cheese, cheesecake, cupcakes, you name it! One of my favourite spots, Teany (in the east village on Rivington), has the best vegan cheesecake and is open late for drunken snacking. What’s especially exciting about all this access to dairy-free treats is you don’t have to feel like an asshole every time you order a coffee or sandwich at a cafe. Us ‘lactards’ can feel like totally normal adults and usually the clerk on the other side of the counter treats you as such! This is big!

#2 Swearing Excessively Does Not Make the Heat Go Away.

Holy heat wave. I don’t think I’ve ever had to be functional in such conditions. While I was running to and from meetings, in the subway, out of the subway, it occurred to me that I looked like I just stepped out of a swimming pool in my clothes. It’s ok because everyone else looked the same kind of soaked. We’re all in it together right? Luckily I didn’t get kicked out of any offices.

#3 Amy Poehler is the Real Deal.

I was thrilled to catch ASSSSCAT on Sunday night. If you don’t know it, ASSSCAT is an improv show where you line up for hours to get in at the UBC Theatre. You have no idea who will show up on-stage until you’re in. I have started to grow quite a bit of love for improv, so I’ve caught the show about 3 or 4 times now, whenever I’m in New York! This time was truly awesome. Amy Poehler, Zach Woods, and a bunch of other hilarious folks made comedy look easy. There are not many things I would wait in line for (3 hours, might I add), in the heat like I’m a 12 year old waiting to meet the Jonas Brothers, but this is one of them.

#4 New York is the same as Toronto but bigger.

I feel like living in Canada it’s easy to get caught up in thinking the big scary american industry is far from our reach, when it actuality, it is all pretty much the same. Good people, good music, small communities, and hard workers. I remember feeling so amazed by Toronto when I first moved here 6 years ago. It’s the same thrill I get when I visit New York now. It’s starting to become more and more real and totally work-able.

#5 Canada is the Bee’s Knees.

Something had changed this visit. I usually visit industry buds or buds-to-be and ask them about their Canadian strategy. Most likely, either their NY office is handling it or they don’t have the budget right now to focus on Canada and it gets swiped aside. I have come to expect this. But not this trip, finally the industry seemed to have a different energy about Canada. They were ready to work on a Canadian strategy and learn about our industry. Maybe it’s because we’re out of a recession, or because Bieb’s is growing balls, but finally people are ready to invest in our lovely country, and develop their artists/brands here. Isn’t that just great? It sure is! And with the recent TO Music City development, it couldn’t be a better time. I am truly excited to welcome in the world, and help to leverage, this worldwide Can-iousity (Canadian curiosity, get it?) to boost our local talent. The music industry is alive and well. I feel lucky to get to do what I do!

And there you have it! Thank you to friends and work buds that made time in their schedule for me. I’ll be back soon I’m sure!

Thank you for reading! Let me know your thoughts @SARIDELMAR!



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