Stoked On… Week of January 13th

I’m really excited to bring you all the first post of my weekly blog segment! The blog will be a list of things I’m really excited about this week—because sometimes 140 character tweets just aren’t enough! Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

Snakes and Lagers in Toronto

Opening at the end of the month, Snakes and Lagers is a board game bar from the owner of Snakes and Lattes! I got a chance to sit down at the bar yesterday, and let me tell you will NOT be disappointed! And I mean, how could you not love board games and booze together? Plus their desserts were just OUT OF THIS WORLD. Get excited Toronto!

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.06.44 AM

A Year Without Pants by Scott Berkun

If you’re in need of a great read, look no further! I wrapped up 2013 with this great book from Scott Berkun (ex-Wordpress team leader), and learned some really awesome management strategies! One of my favourite quotes from the book is:

“It sometimes takes ugly effort to make something beautiful. People who love great things are ignorant of how they’re made and mystified by how dirty they have to get their own hands to make anything at all: they think the mess means they are doing something wrong when it just means they’re finally doing real work.”

Check it out here:

MIDEM is 18 sleeps away!

I’m so excited to be returning to MIDEM in Cannes, France this year! If you’re not familiar with the conference, it’s a gathering of the most innovative people in the music industry from all over the world! I had such a blast last year, I can’t even imagine what this year is going to bring! Would love to see your lovely faces if you’ll be in town please let me know!


Finally, I’d like to mention how stoked I am about the newest music-meets-social-media innovation! While it’s still in it’s beta stage, FanCaptain has the potential to make a huge impact in the way artists are marketing themselves on social media! The online tool organizes all of your social media streams into one simple interface. It allows you to post messages, track your analytics and organize all of your YouTube and various audio/video files in one space! You’ve got to check this one out! I love Hootsuite but just with my early introduction to this platform, it looks like it is more tailored to an artists needs, and that’s exciting!


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