Stoked On… Week of January 27

1. Bruce Springsteen on learning to delegate


Bruce is amazing at many things but it’s easy to forget one of his many talents include running a seriously successful business while being an established artist. I have so much love for Bruce and this great article is again, one of the many reasons why!

2. Haute Goat Chocolates 

Haute Goat

Almost dairy-free and intensely delish, these handcrafted pieces of heaven need to find their way to your mouth, soon. Trust me.

3. BandPage 


BP is going through some serious changes and they are pretty awesome. Their platform has expanded to help artists with ecommerce alongside their great profile and social integration tools. You can now even build a FREE artist website using BandPage. Excited to see this company kill it in 2014!

4. International Music Industry Awards


The world’s first International Music Industry Awards ceremony is happening at MUSEXPO and I’m so excited that I will get to be there! Some amazing people (and #ABfam members) are nominated, including Benji Rogers from Pledge and Daniel Glass from Glassnote! Take a second to cast your vote, here:

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