Stoked On… Week of February 3rd

#1. MIDEM Rages On!


Loving my time in Cannes! So many meetings and great insights! Got to catch 2 great talks/panels yesterday.

Lyor Cohen, founder of 300 (a new artist development agency funded by Google) had some profound insights about finding and developing magnificent talent. He said to stay the course and settle for just ‘good’ talent takes you off your path from finding and crossing paths with greatness.

Billboard article here:

Benji Rogers, founder of PledgeMusic brought up some great points about how labels are keeping a lot of the process from their fans. The narrative can help to sell records and fans to feel a part of the process. From a marketing standpoint, I can’t help but agree that a great opportunity for connection with consumers is being left untapped!

Watch the panel here:

#2. East India Youth 

Hoping to catch them in London this week!

#3. SoundDrop 


An amazing platform that streamlines song sharing for artists… if you’re a Spotify user (and not in Canada) you’ve probably already seen Soundrop integrated to your streaming experience… but they have some big developments coming soon, so keep your eye on this bad boy!

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