Stoked On… Week of February 10

#1. Voivod and The Flatliners Controversy 


Some unneeded controversy stirring for The JUNO Awards with a petition to get Voivod on the list of nominees and calling out The Flatliners for no reason. Firstly – until the JUNOs have a punk album of the year category, “Hard Rock” is going to have to be a catchall. The voting process is fair and a wide range of people weighed in. Secondly – The Flatliners have done loads for Canadian music outside of just being a punk band. They have birthed a community much larger than genre confines care to limit. And lastly – why are Voivod supporting this and why aren’t they telling their bro David Hall to stop embarrassing them. Shit like this makes me embarrassed even.

Read more about it below:

#2. Benji Rogers AMA Reddit


Benji makes an appearance on Reddit and answers users questions on the music industry, D2F services, and the amazing work of PledgeMusic!



Just got to check out OLD MAN CANYON’s music and it’s incredible! He just had some great sync opportunities with the show Shameless and his track “Phantoms & Friends”! Check out the track below!

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