Stoked On… Week of February 24

#1. Soundrop 


A seamless music sharing tool for artists/labels/curators of all kinds! What I love about Soundrop is that when you click play on a song it literally starts right in that moment. They believe no one should wait for a song to start. Gone are the days of the loading wheel of doom (cough bandcamp cough)! Oh and it embeds quite nicely with Twitter. They are just in beta I believe but keep an eye on these cats!

#2. The Wyld

the wyld

New Zealanders The Wyld are killing it – amazing sync opportunity for Sochi with McDonalds! These guys are on the rise – check out their track “Odyssey”!

#3. SXSW Accelerator Music Tech Finalists


Check out Canada making some waves!!

Plantiga (Vancouver)
Bionym (Toronto)
Kiwi Wearable Technologies (Toronto) – this one is CRAZY, I just preordered it! –

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