Stoked On… Week of March 3rd

#1. SXSW Interactive 2014

I am heading out on Thursday for SXSW and it will be my first time attending the interactive portion! Very excited to take in the panels and try to sneak my way in to Lena Dunham’s key note regardless of what colour pass I have hehe… Give me a shout if you will be there!

#2. Yes Yes Marsha

I had the lovely pleasure of meeting with Marsha! She creates great content and has amazing advice to boot. Young professionals and artists – take note!

#3. Sofar Sounds

I love that Sofar sounds has maintained such an amazing brand and community for many years. Excited to see it grow for years to come. If you haven’t been to a Sofar gig before you should. It’s a lovely acoustic and low key atmosphere that is a much needed break from the many loud nights out.  They are all over the world so wherever you are there is likely a living room show just around the corner!!/landing

#4. SynchTank 

Sorry to get all niche – BUT this is a great music organization tool for those you building and managing music libraries. Whether its as as a publisher, music supervisor, publicist etc. you know the importance of having a flawlessly organized and presented database. Check them out if you know what’s good!

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