Stoked On… Week of March 17th

#1. Beau’s chosen by Stephen Harper as 1 of Canada’s representing beers!


Stephen Harper knows good beer when he drinks it and Beau’s is on the top of his list! There’s not much advice I would take from our conservative leader but I will listen to him on this one. Boo ya!

#2. CRMAs, Glorious Sons nomination


Here’s a success story if I ever did hear one… the lovely Kingston boys in The Glorious Sons literally sky rocketed out of nowhere in the second half of last year and the world is better for it. Their single “Mama” is not only catchy-as-hell but also got them a nod at CMW’s Canadian Radio Music Awards. Congrats guys! Watch the video below:

#3. BandPage Experiences 


Our friends at BandPage have launched some really cool tools for artists. The latest to be added to the BandPage toolkit is the ability to sell ‘experiences’ through their platforms that feed out to their network of platform partners. If I had to guess, this is going to be a big year for the 5 year old company and a big year for the artists that take advantage of their platform! Highly suggest you take a looksy to see how the app could be useful for you.

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