Stoked On… Week of April 7th

#1. More Canadians getting behind PledgeMusic – Amos the Transparent, Tim Chaisson, Jeremy Fisher, Willie Stratton and more!

You know how much I love this platform and the great things it does for artists, right? Well if not, I think it’s a game changer for the way artists can release music and manage their fanbases. Happy to see so many great Canadian artists taking the Pledge plunge and going direct-to-fan. This can only mean great things for the Canadian industry as a whole and Canadian music fans!

#2. 99u Gives great Tips for Staying Calm Amidst Chaos


Learn to master the art of controlled chaos and make the world work for you… I challenge you to implement more of these great principles in your life. You’d be surprised at the doors that will magically open! With CMW and NXNE around the corner you might find these tips handy!

#3. Do416 


Do Media makes it’s debut in Canada, after successfully helping to plan the lives of many amercian show-goers their well designed platform is now here to help organize the TO music scene and we’re grateful for it. The platform blends the perfect amount of social integration with productivity based organization to help you keep up to date on the cities happenings. Check it out here and we hope to see you at a show in the city sometime soon!

Thanks for reading!

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