The Great Brand Manager Manifesto


Great brand managers are hard to find, but when you do see a great brand manager at work it’s a somewhat magical thing. I’ve had the opportunity to watch and learn from some amazing brand managers and compiled this manifesto great managers live by.

#1 Intensely Understand the Market in which Your Brand Lives

Good brand managers need to make extensive market assumptions. They need to be comfortable working 6 months to 1 year out on a trend they are betting on. They must know the market intensely and understand the power the brand has to make an impact and the connection it has with its consumers.

#2 Lead the Change

Great brands lead the change – not only react to it. Brands have the unique ability to make waves. How, where, and when you choose to use that power is the job of a good marketing and brand team.

#3 Fully Commit

Great brand managers truly believe their brands are the best and that loyalty spills in to great on-brand ideas and alignment. Their ideas are fuelled by real-life experiences with the brand which they bring in to the office. Basically what I’m saying is that they can put themselves in their consumers’ shoes. Money cannot buy great marketing, passion and dedication to a brand can and connecting with it on a personal level.

#4 Be At Peace With Failure

How can you ensure campaigns will work when you’re working so far in advance? How can you make financial and strategic decisions if you don’t have all the facts? You just can’t. No market changes are guaranteed, we know this. Great brand managers watch the market like a hawk. More often than not a campaign doesn’t blow up but performs steadily. Once in a while a campaign doesn’t have the impact the brand manager had hoped… but taking the risk and accepting failure once in a while, sets the stage for that magical campaign that out performs epically and sky rockets your brand to great new heights much faster than you would have climbed to on your own. A strong brand manager has thick skin and doesn’t get discouraged easily.

#5 Stay Incredibly Focused

Great brand managers are not be swayed by shiny new promises and opportunities. Great brand managers live and die by the brands’ core values. After making a sound and solid strategy to compliment those core values brand managers must stick to their plan come hell or high-water. When it comes to marketing, straying from the path means confusing your team and consumers and that is incredibly detrimental to a business. Your brand is your identity and you only have one first impression.

What qualities do you see in great brand managers that inspire you? Thank you for reading!

Sari Delmar is the Founder and CEO of Audio Blood, Canada’s leading creative artist and brand marketing company. Through unique PR and promotional packages, Audio Blood continues to be on the cutting edge of music marketing and promotion. Their client roster includes the likes of Pistonhead Lager, PledgeMusic, Iceland Airwaves, Canadian Music Week, Riot Fest, Beau’s All Natural Brewing, The Balconies, Ben Caplan, and more. At the age of 24, Sari leads a team of 10 out of the company HQ in Toronto, Ontario, has spoken at a number of music conferences and colleges, and sits on the Toronto Music Advisory Council. Read more from Sari at

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