End of Year Love Letter – 2015 Lets Do This!

Hey friends,

Wow. Year 6 has come and gone in the blink of an eye. It feels just like a week ago we were celebrating year 1 at the Horseshoe Tavern.

This year has been amazing. Yet again, my mind is blown. My expectations are far exceeded. My heart is happy and fulfilled. My smile is wide. My passport adorned with new stamps.

Month by month I feel a change in the breeze
So start moving on make your own history
– Arkells 

But for those of you who know me well, its been a tricky year. A big one full of changes, both of the sensitive and necessary nature. All changes that make us stronger and wiser and tougher, but changes that suck the life out of you, just a bit, and make you take a moment to evaluate the type of person you are in the face of these changes. Changes that make you remember what’s truly important in life and that everything can and will be a variable.

And it gets pretty late
And the stations will change
And the things once in order
Now seem so strange
– Gaslight Anthem

And yet, such is life. This year I think I have finally accepted that. I have accepted that set backs happen, tragedies may come and go, and deep disappointments are inevitable. It is at the fault of no one but the best you can do in these situations is be surrounded by those you love and support you. I am so incredibly lucky to have many of those people in my life, and in the companies’ life. If the packed office for #AB6 was any indicator, we have a lot of amazing people on our side and for that I am always grateful. It is that alone that pushes me to always navigate the trickiest of waters. To not give up easily when things get rough. It is you, the amazing community we have around us, that pushes us harder each year and farther yet.

Wanna live forever in the past
But the truth is coming down on me fast
Wanna be right about everything
Never seen a fight that I cannot win
– Teenage Kicks 

I say thank you a lot, I know, but I really truly mean it. I have some important ones to say now… Thank you to the aforementioned AB community  You are all so strong and inspiring. You give us so much!

Maybe its no secret its a dangerous time to young…
– The Wooden Sky 

Secondly thank you to our amazing clients. You are the reason I get to do what I love every day and I learn so much from each and every one of you. Thank you to my close friends and family for standing by even when it seems like I’m a bit ‘off my rocker’ if you will. Even when I’m hard to get ahold of and always away, you are still there. It means so much to me.

I want to live between the lie and where the truth dies
Everything in its own time
– Ciaran Lavery

AND thank you to the Audio Blood Team. I feel endlessly lucky to get to work in the presence of my most favourite people every day. Your fight, your strength, your care for the team and for your work is unparalleled. I stay strong even when its hard because I see your smiling faces every morning. Each of you have had your own set backs, your own triumphs, and I never for a moment take for granted how lucky I am to get to experience these rides with you. You have each in your own special ways surprised me this year and pushed yourselves to new heights. You most importantly always have my back. And not because it is your job but because you care. And it blows my mind. I am lucky to have a family as close and hilarious as you, shmees. Thank you x a million.

You had my back despite all the others
– Royal Tusk

And one more, thank you to the music. How amazing is it that we live in a world where these geniuses that we just happen to drink beers with can create these sounds and songs that  have the ability to just mirror your life? The ability to just come in and change things or improve them or help you look at something a different way? We work in the music business and we talk a lot about songs or how many times we’ve seen X band in concert but please take a moment to stop and never forget to just say “fuck. this is a good song” and REALLY truly appreciate how lucky we are to have such talented individuals come together and write a song, record it, so we can sing along to it every day. That song makes our lives infinitely better. Oh and THEN if that isn’t enough we get to go and see these talented individuals play their souls out beneath a sea of lights and sweat. We are really fucking lucky, excuse my language. But SERIOUSLY.

Now don’t save my soul, ill take my chances on these winding roads
I’ll go wherever the wild wind goes…
Cause if I’m gonna die I want to die an old ghost
– Reuben & the Dark

This year some amazing music was released. Sometimes I like to think that an album comes in to your life for a reason. There is some cosmic energy music supervising your every turn. An album or lyrics get attracted to you or you attracted to them for a reason. Excuse my hippy moment, but the only way to understand how we find our favourite albums or songs is magic. All the excerpts in this blog post are my favourite lyrical moments from this year from my favourite records. My top albums of the year list is below. This year I found it was all about quality not quantity, my list is only 7 records strong but some of these records have made their way in to my top 10 all time releases. Kind of fitting for a year like this one, where I have made many choices to let quality reign over quantity.

Top Albums of the Year (in no particular order):

Get Hurt – Gaslight Anthem
Spoils of Youth – Teenage Kicks
Funeral Sky – Reuben & the Dark
Let’s Be Ready – The Wooden Sky
Kosher EP – Ciaran Lavery
High Noon – Arkells
Mountain EP – Royal Tusk

Listen to the Playlist on Rdio: http://www.rdio.com/people/audiobloodmedia/playlists/12304683/Sari%27s_Fave_Songs_of_2014/

Have I mentioned how much I love you? Cause I do. A lot.

Congrats on an amazing year, friends. Everything we do is all you. I hope you know it.

Happy Holidays! Lets rock the shit out of 2015.


– Sari

(Pictured: my first ever visit to Australia this year!)

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