Support homeless youth at Covenant House Toronto’s Sleep Out!

Sari Delmar Sleep Out

Hey there!

I am very honoured and excited to be a part of Covenant House Toronto’s Sleep Out initiative this year. On April 9th, I will sleep on the streets of Toronto with only a sleeping bag and some cardboard. I’ll be joined by a slew of other courageous entrepreneurs and business people who are willing to spend one night in discomfort to raise money and awareness for homeless youth.

Homelessness has been a cause I’ve long cared about. About 10 years ago I took out a book called “Another Night in Suck City” by Nick Flynn from the library. Reading about a writer whose dad is a failed homeless author changed me. Sometimes the systems society calls acceptable just don’t work for everyone. Sometimes going to school, getting a job doesn’t work fluidly with those in low income households, battling mental illnesses, and more. 10,000 kids will sleep on the streets each year. That’s a lot of potential and talent that just didn’t fit the mould.

Convenant House is more than a 24/7 shelter supporting those in need in Toronto. They also provide comprehensive services including education, counselling, health care, employment assistance, and job training. Over 90,000 homeless kids have been touched by their hard work. The money I raise will go directly to their youth programs and help them keep their doors open.

You can support my sleep out by donating to Covenant House at

Your help means the world to me!

Many thanks,


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