Introducing AB Co. – Audio Blood Announces Rebrand, Inaugural Advisory Board and Expansion of Services to the US


After six successful years at the forefront of the Canadian music marketing and publicity industries, Toronto’s Audio Blood is proud to announce the next phase in the organization’s exciting history.

The same Audio Blood you’ve always known – but grown up. Six years on, AB Co. emerges as a fresh but familiar force. AB Co. is a marketing and communications agency with a keen eye for leading creative and strategic music and lifestyle programs, activations, and events. AB Co.’s unique approach melds their expansive music industry backgrounds with genuine brand stories, leading to powerful and unforgettable music moments. AB Co.’s diverse and unparalleled services will never change, but the fresh look and logo aims to recognize the brand’s growth and maturity into wider publicity and marketing communities.

In addition to the new look and name, AB is proud to announce its first ever advisory board, intended to help the company grow through this new chapter. AB’s goal is to challenge the status quo with innovative and effective marketing and communication strategies. Sari Delmar, AB Co. Founder & CEO, has hand picked each member of the board based on their history of making waves in their respective industries.

Inaugural AB Co. Advisory Board:

Benji Rogers, Founder & President, PledgeMusic
Jeremy Black, Director, Canada, Pivotal Software Inc.
Marie-Alicia Chang, Founder & Entrepreneur, Musicmetric
Benjamin Webster, Founder & CEO, Mass Fidelity
And more

AB is also pleased to announce an expansion of its services into the US. AB will offer creative marketing solutions to brands looking to connect with audiences in the music/lifestyle space. Working closely with a local publicity partner, AB’s dynamic social/digital, creative, and strategic marketing teams will now be accessible to American clients. “As a company working to build audiences on a global level, the team at is thrilled about AB’s expansion into the US market,” says the app company’s Senior Manager and Artist Strategist Kat Lourenco. “We know that these important next steps will not only benefit us and their clients for bigger opportunities, but also help to connect communities across North America.”

“We’re not interested in getting comfortable, because the minute you stop moving forward is the minute you fall behind. This big shift is inspired by a desire to grow stronger. I am thrilled to be joined on this journey by the talented people who make up our first ever advisory board,” says CEO Sari Delmar. “Canada is and will always be home to AB, but we are excited to bring our creative ideas and intense work ethic to more people across the border. We promise to never lose our indie hearts and dedication to the local community that surrounds us as we grow. We are sincerely appreciative of those who have helped us get here.”

AB boasts a team of 13 and was recently profiled in the Globe and Mail. Current client roster includes Mass Fidelity, Sneaky Dee’s, Canadian Music Week,, Montreal Jazz Festival, Universal Music Canada, PledgeMusic, and more.

We have new website addresses, email addresses, and social media handles. Don’t worry, our old ones will be forwarded indefinitely! Please take a moment to update our contacts in your address books. The format is:

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