Dear Toronto, It’s Not You It’s Me…

Friends, Family, Amazing and Beautiful People,

On September 1st I am officially making the move to New York City.


Toronto will always be home and I will be back and forth tons, you won’t even notice I’m gone! Well, maybe you will and I’m sure I will too.

I have been so incredibly lucky to have lived in Toronto for the past 8 years and be surrounded by this amazing community day in, day out. I owe this city so much and it is forever my #1.

That being said, I am excited to explore a new city and I hope you will all come to visit me! While in NY I will be kickstarting AB’s US Operations and expanding the work we do across the border. AB’s HQ and the full team will remain in Toronto working hard on all our projects as usual. Not much will change in terms of the events and great projects we have on the go! I will be working closely and in sync with the team still, just from a different base.

The biggest thing that scares me about leaving home is loosing touch and connection with the amazing souls I get to effortlessly cross paths with here. I love table hopping at Dee’s or seeing all your beautiful faces while walking to work. But we live in a crazy world where these screens in our hands keep us all connected in weird ways and updated. So please don’t think of me as off the map. Always send info about your new bands, projects, and lets stay connected please! I will be home once a month and you’ll find me skulking around Dee’s or Parkdale as per usual when I’m home.

I have about 6 weeks before summer’s over and I take off. In that time I want to spend time with all of you and enjoy the summer! Some exciting send off fun is in the works – stay tuned for a special announcement about an AB party later this summer. And I will be DJing Homesick at Dee’s on Aug 21 (a decision Travis will quickly regret I’m sure) but we can cry/dance together to our favourite emo jams. More details coming soon.

I am so lucky to get to do the work I do, travel, and I never for a second take it for granted. I also never for a second forget how I wouldn’t get to do any of it without your amazing and continuous support. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I mean it from the bottom of my little emo heart. AB’s success is all yours and I look forward to growing the company and our community larger and stronger through international ties.

I have provided a quick FAQ below cause I’m a sucker for efficiency and clarity. As you know.

Hope to see lots of you at WayHome this weekend. LOVE YOU. Lots.
– XO Sari

Sari Moves to NY FAQ

Q: What is happening to the rest of Team AB and the company?
A: Everyone is happy and working hard. Everyone except for me will be based in the Toronto office and hustling as usual! I will be the only one working from afar. Everything will stay the same!

Q: Is the company closing and you’re leaving?
A: NO! In fact the opposite, we are expanding and growing bigger in to the states!

Q: Who do I ask about Canadian related things or projects I would normally ask you about?
A: ME! I will still be reachable 24/7 and will loop in the rest of the team as needed.

Q: Is Muffy moving to NY with you?
A: Not just yet. She is going to stay living with Pinto in Parkdale for now. They have a special connection.

Q: Do you have an apartment in NY?
A: Not yet but hustling like mad to get one and going down for a couple days next week to try and hustle harder. But if you have friends with a spare room for rent or any leads please let me know!

Q: Where will you be working out of when in NY?
A: Just solidifying details on a shared office space! Will update everyone with the address when it’s ready.

Q: Will you have a new phone #?
A: Yes. I will circulate it as my departure gets closer.

Q: How long are you going to live in NY for?
A: Not sure yet. At first I am going for Sept and October and if all goes well and my visa is sorted I will go back for a longer period of time. I don’t see it as a permanent move but perhaps a year or so. Who knows! I will feel it out and go wherever work/my heart takes me!

Q: Do you want me to ship you Sneaky Dee’s nachos and Poutini’s from Toronto to NY while you’re gone?
A: Yes. Weekly please.

Q: Are you crazy?
A: Yes. I am writing a Q&A just for fun at 12:30am. I am bat shit crazy.

I think that about covers it. Thank youuuuu. XO

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