ASK SARI! Vol. 3 – Finding Balance and Making Time for Professional Development


Hey friends!

Sorry I missed some weeks here. Been busy moving to NY and such (more on that soon)! Here’s a new and fresh question for you below. Thank you for reading along and if you have a Q of your own – send it over:!



Hey Sari, 

How do you make time for blog writing and all the “extra curricular” things (so to speak) that you do aside from running a business. All I can seem to do each day is do more work and professional development falls to the back burner time and time again. You seem to have a good handle of integrating it in to your day to day and are still running your business. How does that happen!?!??! Help!!!!! 

Thank you,


Such a great question! To be quite honest, the fact that you’re asking ME about this is mind boggling, even to me! If you had met me literally 3 years ago I wouldn’t have a blog, I wouldn’t have a life, and I would be fully and wholly consumed by the stress that comes with running my business. You would have thought I’d be the poster child for workaholics-anonymous-gone-wrong before the age of 30.

And don’t get me wrong – there’s a time and a place for that level of intensity. If you’re an entrepreneur or love what you do, you sometimes need to drop EVERYTHING (and I mean, everything) to move your career ahead. But you can’t live that way forever. Or maybe you can, but you won’t be very happy. 

About 3 years ago, I hit a wall and found myself travelling the world and living my dreams but too tired to enjoy or comprehend it all. I was stretched and my ideas were all dried up. It sucked. So I reset. I asked myself, ‘what allows me to do my best work?’ and when I didn’t know the answer I tried new things. 

Now 3 years later I’m lucky to have a bit more of an understanding of my needs professionally and personally. I also realized that keeping this balance in place allows me to totally crush it at work and be in the best mood to tackle whatever comes my way. For me – doing yoga, going for runs, eating well, seeing live music, travelling, and spending time drinking wine and/or whiskey in moderation with good friends are the things that allow me to be happy and centred. These are things I have to protect – almost as much as I protect my sacred work hours. 

Of course work will always be my #1 bae. BUT at the end of the day your happiness and health allows you to do great work and so it all is woven together, as I have learned, the hard way. 

I am no expert on this though. I often feel guilty when I take a Saturday off and don’t sit down and hash through work. I am still getting used to it all myself. 

But if you are all wound up in work and don’t see how it’s even possible to integrate some of these small things in to your life I challenge you: Start with something small and commit to it. Pretend it is a work commitment and literally put in your calendar and don’t allow any meetings or calls to be booked that override it. Protect and fight for that space. You can and will find it. And in the process you might just learn how to fight for your own well being and through that hopefully you’ll find that the height of your productivity, energy, and great work has not even been reached. 

Think about it, you fight for so many things while you’re busy working all day, so just slide in one thing for yourself and get ‘er done. 

I will add one more thing – an important piece of this puzzle is truly trusting people and building a great team. This is hard but will give you freedom and balance that you could only dream of. Invest in the people around you and give them space to kill it. Let them own pieces of the bigger puzzle and you will be surprised just how much you can manage when you let go of some things. And how much you can grow. 

Best of luck finding balance!

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