Introducing CoWatch: My New Favourite Wearable and Partner-in-Productivity!


As many of you know, I moved a sliver of AB Co. to the big apple this past year, and while the decision has proved itself worthy, it has also required hours upon hours of grinding behind my desk while juggling an email account whose inbox has never been empty.  So as you may guess, I find myself leaning pretty heavily upon tools that maximize my efforts and time, hence why I’m stoked to be working with CoWatch. Of course there are loads of werarbles in the market and all with exciting and compelling promises. The reason we zoned in on the CoWatch and why I chose it as the one to throw our time (no pun intended!) and energy behind is easy…

As the first smartwatch to integrate with Amazon Alexa, CoWatch offers me an intuitive virtual assistant who can answer my questions, set my alarm, play my music, provide traffic and weather reports, etc etc. Seriously – she’s the second brain/set of hands that I often wish I had. Furthermore this watch has a circular watch face and doesn’t stand out in my daytime or night outfits. I can also wear my CoWatch while hitting the gym (and track my heart rate etc.) or to a formal meeting with clients. The modern design is fitting in both scenarios.

Now, let me just address the ever-popular question that is circulating about smartwatches – that being, “Why do I need a smartwatch when I’ve got a smartphone”? For me, the answer is two-fold: portability and notifications.

We can all agree that smartphones are highly portable, but there are certain scenarios in which their portability is limited or downright irrelevant– namely, when you’re on-site working a festival and event. If you work in this industry you know how annoying it can be to try to have a conversation with a potential client while your phone is blowing up and you just HAVE to text back etc. Glances over to my watch keep me updated and I can filter what I do or do not need to reply to right away in real time. This also means I get more time in watching artists at festivals like SXSW and less time staring at my phone. Hallelujah!

Ultimately, we’re all busy bees who can benefit from having a little more time to ourselves. That’s why I want to connect you with an opportunity to win a CoWatch of your own. To do this, simply swing by the CoWatch website and enter your email address by April 17th. Winners will be announced April 18th, which is the same day pre-orders on this affordable gadget begins. This watch is truly affordable and allows me to be an even more productive human. Anyways, don’t trust me – get your own on launch day and we can be matchy matchy!



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